Being trapped in a de facto relationship with your ISP

When I joined my ISP I thought they were great – helpful, small and best of all something that sold without having to be thrown in the bargain bin at your local Dick Smith Electronics. We were in a happy relationship skipping around on the interwebz with ease however I knew this couldn’t last forever.

Yes – I am talking about a small local ISP called Snap Internet who sold their soul to a company called 2degrees. Now, that isn’t necessary a bad thing but I have noticed quite a few things since this transition that really does gripe me.

  1. They’ve gone away from the whole “Customers come first” philosophy to “These customers can give us more money!”.
  2. They all the sudden care if you’re not using their Fritz!Box and attempt to sell you one for each and every phone conversation – you try to say that your Edgerouter Lite and Xclaim-XI3 access point is vastly superior and you don’t need phone but no, you have to justify yourself each and every time.
  3. You have to call them? What gives? This is 2015 (well, almost 2016).

Yes, I know I have essentially listed a “normal” ISP with the above as after-all they’re a business and they’re there to make money but a few things happened with the Snap to 2degrees transition I am really not happy with. For starters all the sudden I am locked in a 24mo contract I never agreed on as I signed up open term and also they are hiking my price another 95c (not a big deal, but more on this).

Now, since I am “contracted” in this means I am stuck with whatever pricing they give me and have to accept and pay it – if you want to leave your relationship it’ll be $499 kthx. I read a blog post on BigPipe’s blog that had an image summing this up perfectly:

Other ISP's

So why the hell does 2degrees now charge $89.95 for an ADSL service that not only is pretty average due to random outages (not caused by my internal wiring or equipment – master filters are epic) in comparison to BigPipe offering the same (if not, better) service for $79.00? What the hell was I thinking when I signed up to Snap (now 2degrees)?

It all comes down in my case to speed greed. BigPipe didn’t offer 200/200 UFB (or UFB services) in Wellington back when I signed up and Snap being the happy little ISP they were decided to match BigPipe’s price with no contracts for teh lulz to get my business. So, back then this was all well and fine but now they’re 2degrees customer service has become pretty terrible at best, they “encourage” you to have a phone service through them of which you pay for regardless if you want it or not and you can’t even use this phone service without the Fritz!Box. So, really not the ISP for me anymore.

Hang on? I am in a de-facto relationship with 2degrees now? How the hell do I escape? I’ll be sending their office a bunch of flowers with a break-up note in a take to have a clean break from them without them taking half my possessions – another take on Switching from your ISP without ruining everything because honestly who wants your psycho ex ISP ruining your life for you?

BigPipe, my love, I’ll be with you shortly – have that free Static IP ready and waiting for me xx and for the rest of you think of the long-term before you commit to a relationship.


  1. How did you signup when you joined snap? Having worked for snap previously I know that in most cases all phone calls are recorded and are very easy for a TL to bring up. They should be able to bring up the phone call where you agreed to a 24-month contract and it would also be noted very clearly on your account. Also, ordinarily you would have received a Fritzbox or other promotion if you had signed up for 24-months.

    1. I got a special deal since I know so many people there. Already had 2degrees confirm I was not in a contract so had moved 🙂

  2. Had a similar situation. They would not offer a fixed price for a static IP! Instead they wanted a recurring monthly fee 🙁 … spoke with them as a long term customer but nothing was offered beyond the typical expensive offerings and so jumped ship!

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