My UFB installation

I’ve been waiting for this moment for around 3 months – had a total of 16 bookings of different dates with promises to get UFB but in the end my ISP (2degrees) got a little sick of me waiting so they ensured I got an install at a date that worked for me. At first it was a tease, the guy came in with the ONT but didn’t have the tools to do the external fibre to the house (was just there to install the ONT). Well, that was depressing…

So, there was the potential of my UFB getting rescheduled again. I asked the guy really nicely to see if he can find somebody to do the outside part and so after a few phonecalls we had the whole crew around, the kind chap also installed the ONT:

Yuss it was happening! Except they had some issues with finding the UFB. So, according to Chorus the fibre was run to a pole adjacent to our property. My landlord wasn’t going to accept an overhead cable but around an hour later we struck gold:

So the thing is – the 3mo wait was waiting for right of ways for our shared driveway. If only Chorus knew the UFB was actually literally under our letterbox a few meters from our ETP I wouldn’t have to wait. Honestly, I should be mad having to wait so long but glad to be getting it installed! The Fibre got spliced, and traced back, ETP installed and tested and the garden put to its original state (you honestly can’t tell they’ve been there! kudos to them!):

After a short while (around half an hour) the chap was back to program my ONT and asked for my router. Since I have an Edgerouter Lite it took only a few changes to its configuration and suddenly I was connected to UFB! Total installation time was around 4 hours.

And so I prepared my old Draytek and upgraded a friends network by removing his old modem (which had serious overheating issues as you can see). It was safely deposed.


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