Changing your username

Note: I don’t think this works anymore. Mileage may vary.

Well – as you likely know doesn’t allow a username change (like – it isn’t 2018 and all) so my terrible username of choice back when I was 16 (computermann24 if you must ask) was still stuck with me. I did however want my listening history from all the way back because I like data… all the data. Yes, I know I am a product in giving them all this data but I have yet to find a more suitable solution to track my (mostly) embarrassing music history.

First off – you need to grab a *.csv file of your music history. How I did this is by using an excellent tool by BenjaminBen┬ácalled “ to csv“. Run this across your account and it’ll generate a *.csv file – save this somewhere nice. It took around 5mins to download all my history (92000 songs).

Next – grab another tool called “ Scrubber” from Here. It runs under Windows only so if you’re like me and run Linux then be prepared to re-write your bootloader again or spawn a VM.

Open up the tool and add your new account – select “CSV Scrobble” from the tabs on top, grab your file from your special location and hit “Parse”.

Simply select all and scrobble from this point. It’ll take a few moments and will literally scrobble to todays date (yes – you would have listened to a tonne of music in one day) however after that feel free to deactivate your old account and get on with life without your embarrassing username in the way. Simple… get your act together and allow a username change!


    1. Nevermind, the program was updated… that’s why you had the luck to scrobble around 90000+ tracks

    2. It is probably a bit late for you, but for future people, this could help.

      If you have more than 2800 songs to import, you can still use the newer versions of the “ Scrubber”.
      You can split your exported file every 2800 lines. On Linux you can do this with “split your_file.csv some_prefix -l 2800”, if you don’t use Linux there are other tools online with which you can do the same.

      Now for the important part. Log in to your account inside “ Scrubber” and then:
      1. Import the first part of your songs.
      2. After that you go into the folder of “ Scrubber” > “Users” > “your_username.xml” in there you can delete everything inside the “_recentScrobbles” tag (but not the tag itself).
      3. Now you can restart the program and the counter is reset
      4. Restart with point 1 but use the next part of your split CSV files.

      Hope it will help some future people.

      PS: thanks for the article OP

  1. Thanks for this! I tried nachtalb’s instructions, but after the first try, I kept getting error messages that they couldnt be scrobbled and were cached. Whats wrong here? Did I do something wrong?

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