The (dis)information around 5G.

Last night, I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and saw a number of posts from friends sharing the Anti 5G protest and images from it. Lets just say, given the population of New Zealand this was a downright flop but I wanted to test people to see what they actually know about 5G. That, in its own right was rather interesting as it turns out they know bugger all about what they’re protesting:

The very first post in this thread was rather straight forward – “Carolyn” asked people to do their own research and I’ve done extensive research on the subject. Then I remember seeing a post going around (I think I read it first on Reddit) on about the myths around 5G so posted it:

Something interesting came from this – the owner of the Anti 5G page commented on my post clearly not even reading it.

The problem here is the owner clearly doesn’t understand what they’re talking about. 20,000 peer reviewed research papers? We’ll get to that later. What I posted was long, I couldn’t let them win…

I was careful here to only post references that actually go against what they normally post – I know the common links they use, and everything I posted was in relation to that. The Disinformation index actually shows where the Anti 5G movement started and how it has mutated over this time (read here) along with the Android Authority article which links to several sources not specifically sponsored, or run by the telecommunications industry. Everything on those 2 links alone disproves everything the person behind the Anti 5G site is going to post next:

The thing is, I actually did post more than one paper. It is clear they were not going to go to the links I post. They then post this nugget which is actually what I was wanting them to post. The thing about this article is it was followed-up a few days later by this one which basically says “Don’t fall prey to scaremongering about 5G” and references their last post. They always avoid this key post on the same site:

They did something I also expected – posting old reference material that isn’t really on mainstream websites – what happened to the 20,000 peer reviewed papers they were talking about? Note, the stuff I had already posted by this stage has already dis-proven everything they were going to post.

The fact is they couldn’t have possibly read through the article(s) I posted. It just didn’t have what they wanted to hear on it. I left with a last (long) final statement as I was honestly surprised I was not banned from their page by now:

I was from that point just a few minutes later banned, and had my posts removed. I personally call this a win but as they hidden my posts nobody else would have really seen it hence why I am posting it here. There is no point attempting to steer these people towards the truth as these people are quite clearly nuts in their own mind (to put it bluntly). The owner of the Anti 5G NZ movement website also does books on natural remedies and owns other sites such as “Anti Smart Meters”. Smart meters, if you didn’t know talk over a very low power mesh network in order to transmit your usage data back to the power company.

There is no doubt these people are just reliant off posts from years ago before the technology wasn’t finalized or fully understood. There has been quite a bit of study done on 5G in the last year which disproves all of the claims they’re trying to make – in short:

  1. No, 5G will not kill Bees.
  2. No, those headaches are not caused by 5G.
  3. No, those light sensors on top of street lights are not powered by 5G and are not spying on you.
  4. You’re not going to die from it and lastly
  5. Actually have an understanding about what you’re protesting about.

I’m not going to link to the Anti 5G website here as personally, I don’t want them to have any more exposure than they’ve already got. There is literally no point. It is human nature to be scared of something new but we’ve also got other humans out there proving there is no need to be scared. I much prefer to listen to those people than the people who claim that 5G is spying on you and still use Facebook to spread their propaganda.

Lastly, remember that the engineers who design 5G technologies and the engineers who install it also have to live in it. If they were to design something dangerous do you think they’ll want to live in it also? Excellent thread here (Twitter) however an archive of this:

Since 5G is trending (in my head), an anecode that was told to me when I visited the operations centre of a large French mobile phone operator a few years ago. I asked one of the engineers who worked on mast deployment if they got a lot of opposition. /1

“Oh yes”, he said. “For example, the best place to site a mast in many villages is on the school roof. It actually minimises the amount of radiation hitting the school roof, because there’s a blind spot underneath it, but everyone objects.” /2

“So the mayor comes and says, ‘Why not put the mast by the water tower, that’s nice and high’, so we do that.” “Then everyone who can see the water tower calls the mayor and says they have headaches and they’re definitely going to get cancer”. /3

“The mayor calls a town meeting and everyone shouts at us and tells us how bad their headaches are. And the mayor demands to know what we’re going to do to make the headaches stop. And we say, well, we haven’t switched the mast on yet”. /4

(It takes quite a while after erecting the mast for it to be operational.) “And the meeting ends, people go back home, their headaches stop, and we switch the mast on, and everyone is happy except if they’re in a bad reception area and they ask us to turn up the power”. /5

“And then two years later we go to deploy a new generation, and the same people start getting headaches before we’ve installed it, and we go round it again”. This was about 10 years ago. This guy had been through this 3 or 4 times in some places. /6

So everyone has been killed about 7 times over by mobile phone masts already. That or the brain tumours that they were going to get from holding their phones too close to their heads for 10 minutes a day. /7

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people have killed or injured themselves or others by phoning or texting while driving, but for some reason the same people who think that telcos are out to give them cancer also think they can drive with one hand and half their brain. /8

BTW, telco executives and engineers live in areas with 5G reception like everyone else, just as pharma executives die from cancer even though their companies are apparently hiding a $5 cure. Maybe those execs and engineers are prepared to die for the shareholders. /9 /end


  1. Good on you Michael.
    However, you are probably butting your head against a brick wall, as I have found out that you cannot convince people with evidence in the face of a “higher” truth. Still we carry on, hoping to sow the seeds of reason in a small percentage of people.

  2. great post and valid points. You must have pity on those that refuse to seek the truth when it’s right before them. I believe a study of some sort showed that those who followed conspiracy theories have otherwise boring lives, as they grew up out of the spotlight, never really achieving much or feeling like they had accomplished anything; but with something like a conspiracy theory,all of a sudden they are geniuses in a field,they feel intelligent and euphoric… why would they want to lose that feeling by reading information that would make them feel wrong and go back to their boring lives? Try not to be mad at them,just understand they finally feel like they have something special going on, and no amount of valid arguments you give them will let them give it up.

  3. You have a pleasant and simple way of explaining things and it’s much appreciated. Any intelligent and avid reader will find negative 5G material all over the net and so its difficult not to take notice of it especially when it involves children and cancer. When you don’t have specialist technical knowledge it’s easy to fall for information citing scientific evidence. Just the word science convinces people. I too was once fearful having had cancer, but people like yourself have allayed those fears. It requires patience and explanations that are easy to grasp and above all from people with no agendas that come across as knowledgeable and trustworthy as yourself.

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