NZ Manjaro Linux Repository Mirror

Since there wasn’t any repository mirrors in NZ I decided to create one. This mirror is behind Cloudflare with no caching enabled more to protect my servers from the wild west of the Internet. It is not published on the official Manjaro Linux mirrors page as I do want to keep it’s traffic at a controlled level. This mirror also comes with no guarantee of uptime and may go down at any time so it is recommended to have other mirrors still in your list. My mirror is synced hourly to the official mirror and has been approved by Manjaro to do so.

If your ISP peers with Cloudflare directly in Auckland you’ll get the best performance. Users on Spark will note their traffic to Cloudflare goes via Australia or Japan so for those users it is best to use the Australian Manjaro mirror (see: You can check if your Cloudflare traffic is going via NZ by installing the Claire addon for Chrome from Here or for Firefox from Here.

My Mirror is hosted over HTTPS only and is available over both IPv4 and IPv6 at – edit your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file and add the following near the top of the file:

## Country : New Zealand
Server =$repo/$arch

Next, run sudo pacman -Syyu to sync everything up. There is a also a full guide on the Manjaro Wiki Here.

What is Manjaro Linux?

Manjaro is a Linux distribution based off Arch Linux however is arguably more stable due to packages being tested before release – this means that packages are often around 2 weeks behind Arch Linux. I personally run it on my desktop / laptop as I find it much faster, and smoother than the likes of Debian or Ubuntu for a Desktop OS. There is more information, and a download link on their website: