Restarting EdgeOS PPPoE automatically.

My parents often have internet outages – this is a problem with them being rural. Sometimes their Edgerouter doesn’t reconnect the PPPoE session which means I need to get my father to reboot the router. I’ve got a Raspberry Pi on the network so thought I’d implement a watchdog if you like to attempt to […]

Installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo MIIX 510

I’ve got one of these laptops for work and got tired of running Windows so decided to do something about it… This is more just for general notes after much research to get things running correctly. What works: Power Management WiFi Bluetooth Touchscreen / Stylus Keyboard Cover Brightness controls Audio What does not: Webcam Screen […]

Changing your username

Note: I don’t think this works anymore. Mileage may vary. Well – as you likely know doesn’t allow a username change (like – it isn’t 2018 and all) so my terrible username of choice back when I was 16 (computermann24 if you must ask) was still stuck with me. I did however want my […]

Picking the right ISP

A question that comes up quite often is “what is the best ISP?” – what people fail to ask is what they’re looking for in an ISP? This normally contributes of 5 things: Speed: What is the best service I can get? Reliability: Not to be confused with internal wiring issues (more on that later).Connectivity: […]

IoT vs Google DNS

I’ve had a bit of a run about with a company that makes very good wireless products but with a major flaw and that is that they embed Google DNS into their products… Here’s the problem. On the network I am running this wireless gear external DNS is blocked and this wireless product so happens to […]

Ubiquiti UniFi with LetsEncrypt

I’ve been running a Community UniFi Controller for Geekzone forum members free of charge for their UniFI gear a few months now and a few people wanted to know how I am securing it with LetsEncrypt so here is a quick guide for Ubuntu 16.04 for a rather secure UniFi cloud server. I’ve adapted the installation script […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix

As you may know the Surface Pro 3 + Surface Pro 4 / Surface Book WiFi is terrible. This is caused by a combination of a poor choice in WiFi chipset (a Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Chipset – basically an all in one package with WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC) with driver issues. It is somewhat fixable […]

Cambium Networks cnPilot R201 Review

Lets face it, wireless routers these days are seemingly inspired by spiders – they’re trying to pack as many features, antennas etc in as possible without focusing on what they need to the most – functionality. I’ve been noticing routers that try to pack as many antennas in as possible, they’re ugly and not strictly […]