$10 per year VPS?

  This site – until very recently was hosted off a cheap as chips $10 per year VPS with VirtWire and if you’re wondering why that URL is not working (currently) it is because they’re under quite a massive DDOS knocking over all their VPS servers in the process (great…). This site is behind Cloudflare so […]

My UFB installation

I’ve been waiting for this moment for around 3 months – had a total of 16 bookings of different dates with promises to get UFB but in the end my ISP (2degrees) got a little sick of me waiting so they ensured I got an install at a date that worked for me. At first […]

Consuming Electricity like a baus

So everyone who has some form of responsibility knows about those pesky, uncontrollable things called power bills and I for one have had a number of bad experiences with many different power providers large and small… So, I decided to try something a little different and I must say in the couple of months with […]

Cloudflare + Site Security

I am a big believer in Cloudflare for site security however many people out there activate Cloudflare for server security without thinking about their own infrastructure still leaving them open to attack so here is a simple, but effective guide on how to to secure things just a little more if you’re using Cloudflare. For starters, all my guides are written […]